The skin is visibly restructured after four weeks of application: visibly improves skin structure, elasticity and firmness.

*Asserin J et al. J Cosmet Dermatol. 2015. 14:291-301.

Mikeda® Active Collagen 5000

The nutritional approach to visibly younger skin

Beautiful skin from the outside requires a healthy base from the inside. A large number of studies have shown that certain nutrients can give a significant contribution to the maintenance of healthy skin. Often called the solution for “beauty from within“, nutricosmetics represent food supplements that work from within, supporting the skin structure.

Asians, especially the Japanese, have for many years recognized the advantages of using collagen peptides regularly, through oral food supplements. With global awareness of its clinically proven effects growing, collagen has become recognized and popular throughout the world.

Recognising this world trend, as well as the indisputable positive effects collagen has to keep skin healthy, a special Mikeda® Active Collagen 5000 – a liquid food supplement containing collagen was developed. This drink, along with collagen, contains Beauty Shield Complex and a combination of vitamins and minerals extremely important for skin to function and stay healthy.

The most trusted and researched collagen in the world

monodose = 25 ml

one per day

7x active ingredients

30 min - fast absorption